The Bahamas

Sailing in the Bahamas was the perfect start to our cruising season. After being in Nassau for awhile, where the infamous Atlantis waterpark & marina resides, where one of the waterslides actually drops you in a tunnel surrounded by sharks..we were excited to put our sails up again! It's funny how this job has already began to make me crave the ocean, more than living in sizzling Arizona did. Once you sit for a bit, the sea calls to be appreciated and experienced again. We left Nassau and visited the lovely pink sands beach in Harbour Island. A beach of perfection. Clear blue water and pastel pink colored sand. Then we cruised through the beautiful Exumas, where every new island has a new creature to discover. We were greeted by iguanas and a group of nurse sharks in Allen Cay. We met some eager little piggies in Staniel Cay, which is basically a walking vegan infomercial there. How can you eat these adorable creatures?

I would love to go back sometime soon, or give anyone recommendations if I can! I just got back from Cuba, and I plan to post pictures from my adventures there soon as well. I had little to no internet in Cuba, so I have a lot of catching up to do! Hope you enjoy these pictures : )  cheers!

Natasha Stewart