Hello! After leaving Cuba in March I've been in Saint Martin preparing Moondoggie to hit the open ocean and recuperating from a busy month of exploring. On Sunday, we are leaving to cross the Atlantic ocean to spend the summer cruising around Croatia. The trek to Croatia is about 5,000 nautical miles. Without stops this trip could take about twenty-five days with good time but our hopes are to stop in the Azores, Mallorca and possibly a few other gems. As of this morning we may have to bypass the Azores due to weather, but hopefully that will change because stocking up on fresh produce, stretching our legs and seeing something other than each other will definitely be needed by then! But if not, I downloaded tons of podcasts, yoga workouts, and books. So that should keep my mind and body feeling good. Oooh and we just bought a spin bike this week so hopefully that will help our sea legs a bit. My goal (which I always tell myself I'm going to do on passages) is to blog! This time. Will be the time. 

Ok. Ahh. Goodbye land. Societal norms. and internet. 

For now I will leave you with these pictures. 

I'm still attempting to put my experience in Cuba into words on paper, let alone a keyboard. So while I brainstorm... here are some photos I took. I think photographers dream of this place often.

Natasha Stewart