I’m Tash. 

I’ve put together this blog to share my obsession of plant-based cuisine and my love of experiencing new places with others. 

A little about me:

I’m an Oregon native.  I graduated Oregon State University with a public health degree that specializes in health promotion and health behavior. Instead of getting a job in public health right after college, I passionately pursued a job traveling as a flight attendant for the last three years. While I was a flight attendant I had lots of time to play with vegetables in the kitchen and create a plant-based vegan blog. Shortly after, I scored a  job as a vegan chef and first mate on Moondoggie, a gunboat catamaran sailing boat. Where I am traveling around the world with my boyfriend Justin and the two adventurous owners of the boat Bruce & Nora.

I've had a recent change of heart with matters of food. I was a pescatarian for three years, and then made a change to a plant-based vegan lifestyle two years ago. I have chosen to eat this way simply because I feel great when I eliminate dairy and meat from my diet. Both physically and mentally! By not eating meat products, I can do my part by helping to sustain mother earth and showing compassion to animals. 

My goal is to show readers how simple a delicious plant-based meal can be to create and of course my overall intention is to help inspire people to adopt a plant-based vegan lifestyle.

I love questions, comments, and feedback. So please feel free to comment on this blog, and shoot me an email if you have any questions.




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