About Me



I’m Tasha. 

I graduated with a degree in Public health with an option in health promotion and health behavior at Oregon State University. I’ve always been interested in health. But I still wasn’t sure how this degree was going to coincide with the life I wanted to create. After going to South Africa for a public health internship, the only thing I was sure of was that I wanted to travel. I wanted to keep creating life plans that included traveling however possible.

I then became a flight attendant for the next three years. Each week was different. No one trip the same. I flourished with the unknown of where I would go next and how to manipulate my schedule to plan my next adventure. Being a flight attendant gave me the free-time I needed to dabble into other things that interested me. While I had been vegetarian for three years prior to this time, I began developing an interest in cooking without the use of dairy or any animal products. I would seek out vegan cafes on trips, scroll through blogs, then shamelessly eat my way through my favorite cookbooks. I wanted to share with the world what I had learned about plant-based cooking. How easy, satisfying and flavorful plant-based recipes can be.  

Around the same time I started my blog, I was simultaneously falling in love with a sailor, Justin. A vegan sailor at that.. all things were leading to a plant-based lifestyle. The owners (Bruce & Nora) of the boat that Justin worked on ate a plant-based diet as well. 

After dating for a year, the opportunity to work on Justin's boat as a vegan chef opened up. I took a leap-of-faith and quit my job as a flight attendant to become a vegan chef onboard a 66 foot Gunboat Catamaran called MoonDoggie.

The boat visited over 13 countries and islands in the last year traveling over 10,000 nautical miles and crossing the Atlantic ocean. Right now I am living on the Spanish island of Mallorca and I will be here the next 6 months while the boat is getting some work done getting us ready to take on the next season.

I love being outdoors, hiking, going to local yoga studios, exploring consciousness and spirituality. Dabbling in random activities.

I would like to use this website as a way to share plant-based recipes and act as a platform to share stories of other people consciously creating within their own lives.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the website! 

With love,