Cerritos Beach, Mexico

A few months ago one of my brilliant woman friends found an amazing deal on The Clymb.com, a company that provides stellar deals on gear, apparel and adventures for people who enjoy an active lifestyle.

$125 for five days at The Mayan Village Resort in Baja, Mexico. Needless to say, we jumped on it.

We arrived just as the sun was beginning to set. People gathered around sitting on towels drinking tequila, beer and champagne. We took turns jumping into the salty ocean and wrestling with the waves.

The next day held two special occasions.

A talented and beautiful soul ‘s 26th birthday > > Miss Olivia Ashton

& the Total Lunar Eclipse of the Supermoon began that night.

(check out Olivia’s amazing photos from Mexico on her blog here)

We were lucky to be outdoor in a place that we could spend the whole night gazing at the moon and watching it in all of it’s stages. Definitely a first for me. The next Total Lunar Eclipse of the Supermoon will not happen for another 22 years!

The following days we shared time in between the ocean waves, and the pool bar; surfing, sand volleyball games and beach-side yoga. Not to mention interesting chats with some of the best and most interesting humans I know.

Overall, besides one run in with a tarantula in our hut… and the friendly bugs that were eager to join me on my nightly showers I’d say this place and these people are pretty magical.


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