Around every corner, a new and unique set of geographical features met our eyes. Not only were the national parks incredibly different from each other but the drives in between were a wonder themselves. Enchanting rock formations, and autumn colors. Long stretches of golden birch trees and sporadic canyons. On the last morning we spent in Utah, an act of spontaneity led us down a dirt road in the darkness before sunrise. With our headlights we could make out a steep drop beyond the narrow road. We parked our truck, laid out a blanket and sat at the edge of a cliff. Soon the sky lit up miles and miles of vast canyons, with pastels radiating from every direction. At that moment, we had to ask ourselves yet again “why have we not heard about Utah, more?”



Capitol Reef


When Bruce and Nora wanted us to road trip boat gear from Oregon to Rhode Island, I knew we HAD to attempt to go through Utah. We spent about three adventure packed days cruising quickly between national parks. We squeezed in 4 out of the 5 national parks, but skipped Arches in order to spend the afternoon exploring local breweries in Boulder, Colorado. But if time allows, I would recommend spending at least a week and a half to two weeks exploring all of the national parks. There is a ton of exploring to be done in Utah. We'll be back sometime in the next few years. With more time, a tent..and as much as we loved the Pensky...hopefully a new vehicle. 

much love!


travelNatasha Stewart